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Seriously underwater homes plateau, equity-rich homes decrease
The number of “seriously underwater” homes nationwide has hit a plateau, while the volume of “equity-rich” mortgaged properties decreased for the second straight quarter ...

TheRRD announces tenant screening packages at tiered price points
TheRRD has been a provider of services like tenant screening to small property management teams and landlords. Recently, the company announced a way for these individuals to get all the services they need in one package ...

Certified Pre-Owned Home says property inspections should be performed prior to buyer’s offer
Certified Pre-Owned Home (CPOH), a marketing and real estate referral company, has launched a new program that offers sellers a free, upfront home inspection -- before buyers even get involved ...

Boston tops WalletHub’s list of ‘healthiest’ housing markets
The 10 healthiest housing markets in the U.S. are mainly located in Texas and the Northeast. Topping the list of healthiest markets is Boston, followed by Oklahoma City, San Antonio, northern New Jersey and Hartford, Connecticut, according to a recent WalletHub report ...

Broker Public Portal Debate: visionary concept or waste of time?
Can a broker or an association create a real estate portal that not only works, but can succeed? Who will fund it, and how will it actually compete with the Big Three? Marilyn Wilson and Rob Hahn are ready to go toe to toe at Inman Connect to discuss this hot-button topic ...